Product Experience

Begin setting up Product Experience on your website!

Step 1: Complete Basic Setup

Go to Basic Setup to integrate CEE web SDK in your website.

Step 2: Enable Product Experience on Netcore Panel

Please reach out to your account manager to enable the Product experience feature for your Netcore Panel.

Once enabled, the feature will be available for you. No additional integration steps are required.

Step 3: Using existing analytics events for triggers and goals

You can use the analytics events of any of the following vendors as triggers for the Product Experience. These events can also be used as goal events.


Above analytics integrations, with exception of CEE, are local to the device and none of the PII Information is shared back to Netcore servers.

Send nudge events to your own analytics system
If you wish to get nudge events shared back to your own analytics system, please follow the steps given here.

Step 4: Audience targeting based on user profile data

Server-side segments
If you want to use server-side segments as the target audience - please follow the steps given for User & Event Tracking

This will send data back to the CEE servers and allow you to create segments based on user profile attributes & event payload data.

Client-side user profile data
If you want to keep user profile data at the client-side and use this information to target specific user ids, please follow the below steps.


Client-side user profile data is local to the device and none of the PII Information is shared back to Netcore servers.

  • User ID
    This is a pre-defined attribute that can be the user's email id, account id, or any other identifier that you use to uniquely identify a user. If not set, CEE SDK will generate a device-specific unique string that is consistent on browser reload.
  • Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes allow you to target users based on any data that you want. For example, to set a value for a custom attribute called β€œage”, you need to do the following:

Hansel.getUser().putAttribute("age", 25);

Step 5: Setting up Test Device

To learn more about setting up test devices, please click here

Step 6: Fire events from Test device

Ensure that you fire the events which you added in the above steps, from a test browser device. This can be done by invoking all the flows within the website, where the events have been added.

Once you have done the above changes, selected events will contain information related to the context charts created on the Hansel dashboard.


Having trouble loading the website on PX panel?

  • Please ensure that your website is allowed to be accessed in an iframe. This is needed as website is loaded in an iframe within PX panel in order to place the nudge at the desired position.
  • Install Netcore Product Experience Chrome extension that's built to locally modify the X-Frame-Options and set-cookies HTTP response headers to show the website inside the iframe. You must install this if your website is built on shopify or you are using nudges in journey feature

Step 7: Advanced Features

Defining Actions
Product Experience SDK can also invoke a method in the registered listener whenever an action has been triggered for a given nudge. You can add additional logic in this method to perform any relevant tasks related to the action.

To implement this, follow the steps given here.