Add Contact(Sync Mode)

This API allows the user to create a new user in CEE, either individually or in a list in a sync manner


URL Schema:

Indian IDC:






ParameterDescriptionData TypeRequiredParameter Type
activityActivity refers to the action that is being performed through the API, that is, add, delete, update, and so on.
Value here: addsync
StringYesQuery Parameter
dataData is the input which comprises the raw parameters like listname, subject, from, and so on. For example: json format data e.g. { "NAME": "Mike", "EMAIL": "[email protected]", "MOBILE":5654134, "AGE":24, "CITY":"Mumbai" }

Here EMAIL is the primary key of contact.
StringYesBody Parameter
listidEach list in CEE has a unique ID assigned to it to identify. Passing this ID is required to let the API know to which list the contact is to be added.IntegerOptionalBody Parameter
apikeyYou can obtain the API key from the CEE panel. Log in to your CEE panel and go to Admin. Enable the API Mode in Account Configuration under Advance details. Now, go to Sub Admin and click Edit on your user name. You can view your API key here.stringYesQuery Parameter
typeIt represents the module or group the API belongs to. For example, if the API 's functionality is related to Contacts, type is 'contact'.

value here: contact
stringYesQuery Parameter


Difference between Sync and Async APIs

The only difference between the two APIs is that the sync API does a validation on the server side(on the basis of API Key, Primary Key etc.) before returning the response, while the async API validate only the API key and returns a success response.

Request URL:

Response Examples:
Response 1: 200 OK

    "requestid": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "result": "Success"

Response 2: 302 ERROR

    "status": "error",
    "error_code": 302,
    "details": "Duplicate entry 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' for key 'uniqid'"