Nudges on Scrollable Widgets

To Show Nudges on Scrollable Widgets

There are list of widgets which are scrollable in flutter - List .

(CustomScrollView, DraggableScrollableSheet, GridView, ListView, NestedScrollView, NotificationListener, PageView,

RefreshIndicator, ReorderableListView, ScrollConfiguration, Scrollable, Scrollbar, SingleChildScrollView)

For Nudges to be attached on a scroll type or scrollable widgets, We have to add a Key Property in the Widget with ValueKey(“UniqueString”) or ObjectKey("UniqueString")

// Example -1

   itemCount: _items.length,
   itemBuilder: (context, index) {
     return InkWell(
        key: ValueKey((index+1).toString()),
        onTap: () {},
          child: Text(“abc”)
// Example - 2
	children: List.generate(300, (index) {
     return Container(
       key: ValueKey((index+1).toString()),
         child: Text(
           'Item ${index + 1}',