Erase Data Request API


CEE provides the API to enable the client to support GDPR requests when the Data Subject has exercised Right to Erasure under Art. 17 GDPR

Using this API, the client can request to erase user data

Base URL

US IDC:<API_KEY>&primary_key=<Primary_KEY>

Indian IDC:<API_KEY>&primary_key=<Primary_KEY>

Europe IDC:<API_KEY>&primary_key=<Primary_KEY>

HTTP Method


Body Parameters

ParameterDetailTypeIs MandatoryExample Value
activityName of activityStringYesrequest_erasure_data
apikeyAPI key of panelStringYesABCD12345
primary_keyThe primary key value of the userStringYes[email protected]

Sample API Request

curl --location --request POST ''

API Response

Response Example - In the Success case

    "requestid": "<request_id>",
    "result": "Success"
    "requestid": "dbdfd72754e73886542a0affe259b32c",
    "result": "Success"