Migration steps for FCM v 8.7.0

We have upgraded to latest FCM version and from now on any new integration or editing of old integration that happens at Netcore platform will be FCM v8.7.0 compatible.

Please follow below mentioned steps while upgrading to FCM v 8.7.0

  1. Open "https://firebase.google.com"
  2. Click "Go to console"
  3. Open the concerned project
  4. Go to "Project Setting"
  5. Scroll down to the code snippet and get "Project ID" & "App ID"
  6. Login to Netcore platform and open the relevant website from Asset section
  7. After adding the website, enable the "Advanced Features" and enable "Browser Push Notification" toggle
  8. Now, you'll have 2 more fields under FCM for Project ID & App ID, please enter the same and save.


Please note that with this release Sw.JS files will need to be updated

  1. Now that you have entered the additional details required for FCM v8.7.0, please follow these steps again
  2. Please reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.