Contact APIs


Contact is the individual contact or your customer. The contacts can be:

a. Anonymous: These are those contacts whose primary key value is not yet available in CEE. Such contacts can be targeted through channels like Browser Push Notifications & App Push Notifications.

b. Identified: These are those contacts whose primary key value is present in CEE. c. Confirmed: are those contacts who are confirmed as registered users and ready to receive the messages/braodcasts from CEE.

d. Unconfirmed: are those contacts who are added to the system through online registrations and are in the ‘Awaiting’ category. They are added to the confirmed user’s category after verification of the email address.

e. Blacklisted: are those who have unsubscribed themselves, who have marked the emails as spam and those addresses from which the emails have hard-bounced.

The following activities associated with Contacts can be performed using the API listed in this section:

Add: to add a contact to a list.
QueryData: to retrieve a contact’s attribute data, unique ID, List Ids and status.
QueryStats: to retrieve statistical data for a contact, such as sent, click through, and open history.
Update: to update a contact.
Delete: to delete a contact.

List of Contact APIs


  • Add Contact New
  • View Contact Details
  • Update Contact
  • Remove Contact