Nudges - Handling Invisible Containers

If there is an invisible container, please follow the below steps for Product Experience SDK to ignore that container:

We need to add a key to the widget which we want to ignore.

key: ValueKey("anything_hsl_ignore");

body: CustomScrollView(
        slivers: List<Widget>.generate(100, (index) {
          return SliverList(
              key: index == 0 ? ValueKey("${index+1}S_scroll_view") : ValueKey("${index}hsl_ignore"),
              delegate: SliverChildBuilderDelegate((context, index) {
                return Center(
                  key: ValueKey((index+1).toString()),
                  widthFactor: 1,
                  heightFactor: 2.5,
                  child: Text("Item ${index + 1}"),

In the example we can see we are giving the key in list of sliverList which we want to ignore