Configuring Internal Analytics Provider

Step 1: Create new Method

Create a new method triggerAndTrack in the class which has the code of your in-house analytics provider. We will use the class name “Tracker” through out this document.

public static void triggerAndTrack(String eventName, HashMap<String, Object> properties) {

         //1. pass on the event to HanselTracker
        HashMap<String, Object> hanselData = HanselTracker.logEvent(eventName, "custom", properties);

         //2. Add the data returned by the above method to the existing properties
        if (properties == null) {
            properties = new HashMap<>();

         //3. Call the track method
        Tracker.track(eventName, properties);

Step 2: Using the new method

For all those events which can work as triggers for nudges or can be the goal events for the nudges, make the updates as suggested in the snippet below:

// If the snippet in code was
Tracker.track(eventName, properties)

// update it to
Tracker.triggerAndTrack(eventName, properties)